The international press calls him: „The Boogie Woogie Mozart“. „This time with a very special guest, rising jazz star from Germany, brilliant pianist Dan Popek!“ wrote legendary Jazz Club Reduta at International Jazz Festival Prague 2017. Dan Popek has set himself the goal of always offering his audience something extraordinary. His repertoire includes all music epics and styles – is almost limitless. Thanks to his great virtuosity he manages to present the seemingly impossible with surprising ease. Paired with charismatic entertainment, an unforgettable event is guaranteed. His energetic and sometimes „acrobatic“ piano style thrills his constantly growing audience again and again. Let yourself be mesmerized by Dan Popek – the pianist who can play anything…

Quick Facts about
Dan Popek

• Born in 1996, Germany
• Started playing the piano at the age of 4
• Youth Plays Music/Jazz Award winner
• CDs: 88 Keys & Me, The Shout
• 1st performance on German TV in 2016
• 2-time Yamaha Award winner
• On stage with: Abi Wallenstein,
Axel Zwingenberger, Joja Wendt,
Cory Henry, Spider Murphy Gang
• Concerts: Jazz Fest Vienna,
Int. Jazz Festival Prague,
Int. Dixieland Festival Dresden,
Frankfurt Old Opera, Mannheim Capitol,
Berlin Mercedes-Benz, Hamburg Fabrik,
Sargans (CH), Cambrai (FR)
• Jury Member: Casio/Bechstein Talent Days
Final piano competition in 2018